The President of Yldon Media Group, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi, has submitted to SPAK a lawsuit against the Mayor Erion Veliaj for non-escalation of crime, defamation and image damage.

The reason for this is the statements made in the media or in the reactions to the journalists of Rtv Ora or Ora News.

Through them, he has deliberately spread false and untrue statements against Mr. Ndroqi, which undermine his honor and dignity.

Ora News has long published news that present Tirana's problems.

Even tender issues, often listed in red and Open Data.

In respect of the principles of journalism, the reaction of the mayor has been requested, but the reactions from him have been unethical.

Even in those few cases where the Mayor agrees to speak to the media, his response is out of standards.

"Why does it burn to you of Ora?!”

Of course, as in the case of other municipalities, or for other institutions, television has continued with investigations and the publication of problematic news.

But the answers are missing only from the municipality of Tirana. Attempts to retaliate against the Mayor have continued, but the answers are still lacking.

For some time now, in several TV interviews, Veliaj has started to use an expression that is so scary and strange, "fine".

Freedom of the press gives the public one of the best tools to discover and form an opinion on the ideas and attitudes of their political leaders.

This is the so-called "facilitating environment" for free journalism and the media.

In our case, not only has there been no "facilitating environment", but on the contrary, "violence" has been exercised in various forms.

"I live in Tirana, I listen to both those who swear and those who impose fines."

In these conditions, the President of Yldon Media Group has criminally reported to the Special Prosecution Office Against Corruption and Organized Crime the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, for the criminal offense "Failure to report a crime".

This is because with these statements they show that in the municipality of Tirana, Veliaj has also been tried to benefit illegally.

"Since Mr. Veliaj has publicly admitted that he is aware of the fact that persons whom he "knows by name and surname" have committed the above crimes, he had a legal obligation to report them.

Occurred in this situation Mr. Veliaj has hidden many crimes that have happened or have tried to happen in the institution he leads and for which he declares that he is fully aware, even that he knows them by name and surname".

Of course, as for any other institution, for Tirana, journalists will continue to follow the problematic news, but staying as close as possible to the truth.