In an exit from the DP headquarters, former MP Albana Vokshi said that the July 30 elections in universities are unconstitutional.

According to Vokshi, the government deprives 75% of students of the right to vote to appoint Artan Hoxha, a former judge with unjustified assets, at the head of the Tirana rectory.

She adds that these elections should be canceled and the process should be postponed and reopened from scratch to guarantee free and fair competition.

Vokshi says that this election, Prime Minister Rama will do what he did with the June 30 elections.

"Edi Rama wants to do with universities what he did with the June 30 elections, to appoint his people, eliminating any possibility for fair competition.

With the unconstitutional and illegal decision of the Minister of Education, the government has excluded 75 percent of students from the right to vote.

It allows only a part of the students to return to the auditorium, those who leave this academic year, both in bachelor's and master's degrees, excluding and removing the right to vote, all the rest of the students.”

Vokshi goes on to say that this was done to capture universities by Rama and Minister Shahini.

"The Minister of Education leaves no opportunity for the announcement of the platforms of deans or rectors, leaves no opportunity for campaigning with students and professors, as the faculties are closed, students are removed due to pandemics.

This situation created consciously by Edi Rama and Besa Shahini to capture and control the universities, like any other cell of this state, is unacceptable!

It is an attempt to destroy even the little that is left of autonomy in higher education.

It is an end to all hopes that students had in their protest a year ago.

According to her, these elections should be canceled and postponed in order to be held to standards.

"These elections without voters, without students, with blackmail and pressure must be canceled!

University elections must be conducted in full legality, where the constitutional right to vote and to be elected must be respected.

The process must be postponed and reopened from scratch to guarantee standards, competition and free and fair competition.

Edi Rama's government's unconstitutional decision to hold university elections on July 30 only serves to appoint a powerless servant, such as Artan Hoxha, the notorious dean of the Faculty of Law, to the rector's office.

In addition to being known as a former judge with unjustified assets of $ 200,000, Artan Hoxha is remembered as the dean who treacherously pushed the police into the university premises to beat students at the height of their strike.

What Emiliano Shullazi could not do 4 years ago, he cannot do today with an unconstitutional decision Besa Shahini and Edi Rama. "