The center of Tirana is already surrounded by high-rise towers. Residents accuse that after the Theater and the Clock Tower, it is being turned into a worthless object, while in the capital, permits are being granted for palaces in every square or space.

"I do not intend to go down in history as the man who gave palaces, I want to be remembered as the man who worked to bring the city back to normal and as a man who worked with a team that built more parks than palaces," Veliaj said on June 9 of 2015.

But even in this case, Veliaj shows that he says some things and does others.

In recent years, the Municipality of Tirana has broken a record for building permits, and even in 2019 decisions were signed for about 1.5 million m2.

Low-rise buildings or squares, especially in the center, have been turned into high-rise buildings.

The Clock Tower, which also serves as a symbolic gift for special guests, will soon be defeated by another skyscraper that has begun to be built next door.

For the citizens, this is a serious damage that is being done to the people and the history of Tirana.

"It's not good that everything is blocked. To block the clock with the towers, the towers are not a good thing in the middle of the country. Why should there be so many towers?"

"The country is being usurped, they say take a breath. Instead of making as many pedestrians as possible, they are raising grades."

"We don't like it that way. Why is it good there?"

For them, this is an irreversible destruction.

"I remember when I was young I came from Durrës by car and in Kashar I saw the Tower and the Mosque."

The architects themselves are already raising the concern that the new buildings are not in harmony with the historic buildings.