The solemn "Thank you Albania!" Academy, organized by the "Bogdani Polis Center of St. Mother Teresa Cathedral in Pristina today", highlighted the difficult times during the Kosovo war.

“March 24th, 1999 was an extraordinary day for me because it reminds me of my birthday as well.

I had my 30th birthday that day, but I couldn't celebrate because of the even better news for me and for every Albanian, the start of the NATO intervention to end the genocide and barbarism in Kosovo. " said the president of Albania, Ilir Meta.

He underlined that Albania was responsible for what it did to Kosovo in those times.

“You rightly say 'Thank you Albania', even though Albania had to face an extraordinary humanitarian crisis that emanated from Kosovo because of the Milosevic genocide.

But often when we meet with other colleagues of that time, we find it difficult to believe how a crisis of this magnitude could develop.

The extraordinary humanitarian crisis was met with the dedication and commitment of every single Albanian. "

Kosovo's President, Hashim Thaci, thanked Albania for its help.

“I thank Albania for opening its doors and hearts in the days of the Kosovo tragedy at the height of the war. Kosovo is forever grateful to Albania. Without Albania, Kosovo would not be free, liberated and independent. "