The Special Court of Appeals for Corruption and Organized Crime has decided to remand the case of former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri for trial.

Regarding this fact, SMI deputy chairman Petrit Vasili says that the cannabis production mechanism at the time when Tahiri headed the Ministry of Interior has not been eradicated, because tons of drugs are still being planted to this day.

In an interview with Ora News, Vasili said that he is responsible for Saimir Tahiri and Prime Minister Edi Rama, who according to him are binomial, for the reason that Albania has the stigma of narcotics.

Petrit Vasili: ''My comment is only one. This cannabis, which really started and turned into a collapse of the economy of Albania's image, of social and political balances, is a dark act with incalculable damage.

It has not been eradicated to this day, tons of drugs continue to be produced in Albania. Of course, I do not share Tahiri with Edi Rama in any case, this responsibility is common between them. "

"Albania has done an absolutely difficult position in Europe today and the stamp of the narco-state that I do not know when it will leave.

So the creators, implementers and beneficiaries of the narco-state were these gentlemen, Tahiri and Edi Rama, this binomial has determined this situation in Albania.''