Tirana, 21.02.2020

All Albanians, friends and international partners were acquainted yesterday with the grave criminal offenses of abuse of office, exercise of unlawful influence, flagrant forgery, etc., committed by the Minister of Justice in connection with the illegal publication in the Official Gazette of a decision of an independent body such as that of the Justice Appointment Council.

In this attempt of coup d’état, based on the official evidence made public yesterday, which will be submitted to the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution (SPAK), it is proven to have been involved directly  the Minister of Justice, Ms. Etilda Gjonaj and senior officials of this institution, under the mafia scenario of capturing the Constitutional Court.

The Minister of Justice, by ordering the Secretary General to submit for publication in the Official Gazette a decision of Justice Appointments Council, has flagrantly violated Law no. 78/2014 “On the Organization and Functioning of the Official Publication Center”, as well as Law no. 115/2016 “On the Governing Bodies of the Justice System”.

According to the Constitution and these laws, the decisions of Justice Appointment Council:

- Are not published in the Official Gazette, but are published only on the website of the High Court, specifically in the section designated for the Justice Appointments Council;

- Whereas the Ministry of Justice has no role and no right at all to submit for publication in the Official Gazette the acts of the Justice Appointments Council, nor to interfere with the process of appointing or electing the judges of the Constitutional Court;

Thus, committing such flagrant actions, like ordering the publication, still without being asked officially by anyone.

It is almost 24 hours since the public opinion became acquainted with these outrageous and gross violations of the Constitution and laws by the Minister of Justice, who, through abuse of office, falsifications and unlawful interference in the process, has consumed in collaboration with high-ranking officials of this institution, many criminal offenses.

For these reasons and other evidence that is being provided, on Monday I will file at the Special Prosecutor Office (SPAK), the criminal reporting, for the acting Minister of Justice, Mrs. Etilda Gjonaj.

Given that Minister Etilda Gjonaj has already lost the confidence of the President of the Republic and the Head of State that was expressed by Decree, I would welcome her resignation and face justice as a former Minister, therefore avoiding the obligation to report her as an Acting Minister.

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