Attending a cultural event today, President Ilir Meta avoided commenting on whether he would decree a new election date for the Vora municipality, nor was he willing to discuss the assassination attempt on prosecutor Arjan Ndoj, focusing solely on the exhibition "Notre Dame de Tirana" by artist Avni Delvina.

The exhibition comes in support of the cause of artists and citizens in defense of the National Theater.

The artist never misses the chance to have a crack at some of the characters of art, culture, media, politics and beyond, even incorporating President Meta himself.

Inside the Theater, which, according to him has become the “epicenter” of drama, he said the cause of the civic resistance was to fight injustice and arbitrariness.

The Head of State said that people should rise up and rebel whenever dignity, sovereignty, freedoms or rights are violated.

Dialogue in order to find a solution to the National Theater