About $ 600 million will go out of the state budget for the reconstruction process in the areas affected by the November 26 earthquake last year.

During the inspection of the construction site in Fushë Krujë, Prime Minister Edi Rama informed that the list of beneficiaries is closed, as everyone has been identified.

Fushe Kruje- Hundreds of families have been left without a roof over their heads after the earthquake of November 26, which caused numerous residential buildings, especially in Durrës, Thumanë and Fushë Krujë.

Today, Prime Minister Rama visited the construction site in Fushë Krujë, in which it is planned to build a new residential neighborhood with 100 apartments and 128 individual units, where about 1100 inhabitants will be housed.

"Everything that will be offered to those who are affected is much, many times better and more dignified than those who had."

Meanwhile, the Minister for Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj also showed the amount that will come out of the state budget for this process.

"$ 340 million will be financed, ie ALL 34 billion from the state budget alone for reconstruction this year and $ 250 million, ALL 25 billion next year"

In the Municipality of Kruja, 12 educational facilities will be reconstructed, which have been damaged by the earthquake of November 26.

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