The Democratic Party has demanded the dismissal of Education Minister Besa Shahini. Former DP MP ALbana Vokshi said that her silence on the case of the raped and then abused minor in school is an abuse for the second time with the girl.

Vokshi states that Shahini cannot hide behind the late dismissal of the school principal, while recalling cases of abuse of minors.

Full reaction

The request of the youth today for the resignation of Besa Shahini is very fair. Her silence on the case of the raped and then abused minor at school is a second abuse of the girl.

Besa Shahini cannot hide behind the late dismissal of the school principal. Unfortunately, it is not the only case that schools turned into Socialist Party organizations hide and allow child abuse so as not to damage the credibility of the government and the party that appointed them without merit.

Only last year, in Kavaja, a 14-year-old girl was sexually abused, blackmailed with intimate videos by 8 teenagers for a long time.

The Minister of Education was silent. The school principal, the education directorate, the police were silent and hid the crime for many days. The government's belated response was even more scandalous: "Such events are made into movies."

In Arapaj, Durrës, an 8-year-old girl was forcibly taken, tied up inside the classroom and harassed inside the 9-year-old school by two boys, one of whom was the son of a local SP official.

The Minister of Education was again silent, as were all educational institutions and the police.

In Fier, a whole network of teachers and principals of the "Jakov Xoxa" school hid the sexual abuse of two teachers with their minor students.

Everyone was silent in defense of the abusers with the girls, they were silent because the militant socialist director of the school was the wife of one of the abusive teachers.

In Delvina, a teacher sexually abused an 11-year-old student at a school in the village of Kalasa. What did the government of Edi Rama and Besa Shanini do?

The monster teacher was transferred from one school to another. No action has been taken against him, while at least 3 other cases of sexual abuse of minors have been reported by him.

In Tepelena, a 63-year-old teacher was accused of sexually harassing at least two schoolgirls.

These are just reported cases, but we all know it's just the tip of the iceberg. It is only what appears from a system rotten by militancy and from a repressed and distrustful society that child abusers will be punished.

How many other children are abused in schools that do not have the courage or fear to speak out? How many parents are silent so as not to tarnish their children in public, because in Albania justice is not done in the country?

That the state is on the side of the strong, the pedophile, the criminal, the abuser and the rapist, leaving the children unprotected in environments that should be safer.

Besa Shahini must also resign due to the fact that she has been shown to be insensitive to the case of the 15-year-old abused woman.

Not only did she not distance herself from the violence, but from the sofa in the house, she passed the responsibility on to the girl's parents.

Besa Shahini must resign, because her silence and concealment after the dismissal of a principal brings other victims of sexual abuse in schools.

In a ruined and destroyed educational system by the government of which it is a part, resignation is the last human gesture left to Besa Shahini.