Despite the fact that during his visit to Kosovo, the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, once again expressed his support for Vuçiiç on the Balkan mini-schengen, already after the latter's statement on the non-recognition of Kosovo, Rama described it as a provocation.

In a press conference together with his Kosovo counterpart, Avdullah Hoti, who is in Tirana, Rama said that Vucic can go wherever he wants, but in the end he will sit down and talk to the Kosovo’s side.

He calls on the Serbian President to never declare recognition of Kosovo.

Rama: If we are one, the president of Serbia can go to the moon, but in the end he will sit with us, the authorities of the sovereign state of Kosovo, which he knows or does not know, is sovereign and inviolable in its sovereignty and with us in Tirana that will support Pristina to the end.

But in the face of such provocative statements, there are two paths, one barricade and the other confrontation. The barricade is to our detriment, not to Serbia's detriment.

Face-to-face and straightforward confrontation with the means of peace, is our challenge, wins over who is the wisest and shows the strength of mind and foresight.

It does not matter who makes the strong one on Facebook or divisive statements using internal emotions or conjunctures that are saving the homeland from traitors.

We cannot be divided and quarrel over strategic interest and an essential part of this interest is the dialogue process to reach the final recognition.

What are we waiting for? That the President of Serbia declares that he will recognize Kosovo, or we expect the President to show that he feels bad that we are not able to speak with one voice.

Don’t expect these, they won’t happen until they happen. This is a diplomatic war, it's chess, it's not boxing.

We find it very easy to fall into banal traps, such as that of a group that is engaged in a bargain to divide Kosovo and that of a group that protects Kosovo from the internal enemy.

Vucic's statement yesterday (July 2).

"Let's recognize Kosovo's independence - forget that. I see no solution. When I saw it, everyone attacked me."