President Ilir Meta and Prime Minister Edi Rama were invited today to take part at the meeting of the National Integration Council that is being held at the Palace of Congresses.

The head of state and the head of government have greeted each other, meeting with the elbows and not the hand, as the greeting to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This was accompanied by a smile on the faces of the two leaders and the Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruci.

The head of the EU Delegation in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, is also at the table.

In his speech, President Meta underlined the implementation of the conditions and the political will to prevent successive crises.

"The real implementation of the growing conditions and the obligations of the Stabilization and Association Agreement must be taken more seriously.

Only a credible process where political will is put at the service of major interests can prevent successive toxic crises that have unfortunately undermined the trust of citizens and damaged the country's image, "said President Meta.

The topic of this meeting is: "The latest developments in the framework of preparations for the negotiation process in the European Union and the presentation of the comprehensive draft plan of European integration measures."

The council will deliver the opening speech, then to EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca and then to President Ilir Meta.

Genc Cakaj and Prime Minister Edi Rama will speak at the second session.

The meeting comes at a time when the EU has approved the opening of negotiations with our country and when the majority and the opposition have agreed on a new Electoral Code.