A few days after the denunciation of the spokesperson of the Democratic Party, Ina Zhupa for the project of the boulevard "Zogu i pare", today (July 3) she was on the ground to contact the citizens.

According to what Zhupa has denounced, the windows and balconies of the apartments along this axis will be closed with metal shutters, a fact that has worried the residents quite a bit.

She says that this intervention was made without the approval of the residents as a start, where the latter have signed a petition demanding the withdrawal of the Municipality of Tirana from the "isolation" of the balconies.

One of the residents himself says that since the beginning of this project, no one has taken the trouble to contact them to tell them that the metal shutters will be installed.

He calls on the Municipality of Tirana to withdraw and find an alternative solution. He is even willing to talk and consult about possible solutions.

"We oppose the project because the solution that the mayor of Tirana has found to close with shutters is not a good solution for us.

He should have consulted with us beforehand. The placed grills do not perform any function, they do not protect us from the sun or the rains.

I have personally contacted the general director of co-ownership in the Municipality of Tirana, asking for the right solution.

We do not oppose the project, they must see this problem from an architectural and functional point of view. He had to inform us that we would intervene, we want cooperation. We are ready to consult."

/Ora News.tv/