The President of the Republic,H.E.Mr. Ilir Meta met with the Chairmen of the Centre Right Group of political parties, Chairman of the Republican Party, Mr. FatmirMediu, Chairman of the Agrarian and Environmentalist Party, Mr.AgronDuka, Chairman of the Union for Human Rights Party, Mr.VangjelDule, Chairman of the Christian-Democrat Party, Mr.Nard Ndokaupon their request, and attended the issues raised during the meeting.

PresidentMeta expressed his deep concern about the serious constitutional, institutional and representative crises the country has entered to.

The Head of State reiterated his early warning on the indispensable need and urgency for dialogue to avoid further escalation of conflict.

President Meta underlined that he has made every effort to push forward the implementation of judicial reform within the constitutional principles and deadlines, which would guarantee the check and balance of the system in a functional rule of law country. 

Had this happened, the actual political crisis would not take such proportions.

Head of State expressed his concern that non-registration of all opposition parties of the last parliamentary legislature in up-coming local elections jeopardizes not only election standards but also political pluralism of the country.

President Meta emphasized that it is never late to reflect and find a solution that would reestablish the constitutional, institutional and democratic normalcy in the country.

President Meta appeals for dialogue and reasonable voices to discourage further escalation of the crisis.

Head of State will continue to contribute in every way and occasionrequiring the reflection of everyone aiming at guaranteeing not only the democratic co-existence but also the successful and reliable evolution of reforms related to European Integration.