In the framework of His initiative “Blood Donation Alliance”, the President of the Republic H. E. Mr. Ilir Meta was present at the blood donation session organized by the Municipality of Kavaja in support of thalassemia children.

President Meta thanked Mayor Redian Krali, the Kavaja citizens, and especially the youth, for their voluntary commitment to join this noble cause and humanitarian activity.

“I have a special thanks today to the people of Kavaja, to the mayor and his staff who responded to the appeal to donate blood these days when the demand for blood is very necessary, especially for children who suffer from thalassemia. But also from everyone else, who periodically needs blood.

Solidarity with the cause of blood donation is very important, especially in these difficult days, when the demands are even greater, due to the difficulties created by restrictions on the movement of citizens due to the pandemic. Therefore, this contribution is still very much appreciated by the community and the Municipality of Kavaja.

"Gratitude to the wonderful citizens of Kavaja who came with a big heart accomplished this human act! ” - stressed the President of the Republic.