The Constitutional Court has regained the attention of the international community, while Ambassador Yuri Kim has started concrete meetings to set in motion the institutions that are in charge of its completion. The President and the Speaker of the Assembly also met today on this issue.

Tirana- The non-functioning of the Constitutional Court has returned to the attention of the internationals, while the American ambassador Yuri Kim has started the concrete movements.

After the President's letter to the Speaker of the Assembly, Yuri Kim played an important role, convincing the parties for a meeting, which took place at noon on Tuesday, June 30.

The parties did not speak to the media, while the presidency in the press release says that the Head of State considers it important that the recommendations of the Venice Commission be implemented immediately.

"Reiterating the need for co-operation between all institutions in order to renew and make the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court as operational as possible, President Meta expressed his full readiness to immediately begin work on a unique interpretation of the recommendations and coordination for their constitutional and legal implementation”.

The Presidency further announces that the Speaker of the Assembly, Gramoz Ruçi, has considered unacceptable the procrastination of the renewal of the Constitutional Court and the High Court by independent institutions.

"Welcoming President Meta's invitation for this meeting and sharing the same view on the need for cooperation between the institutions, President Ruçi stressed that he considers unacceptable the delay in the renewal of the Constitutional Court and the High Court by independent institutions."

But international movements were not enough. At the same time that the Head of State and the Speaker of the Assembly were meeting, Ambassador Yuri Kim and Ambassador Soreca went to the office of the incumbent President of the Constitutional Court, Vitore Tusha.

After 50 minutes of meeting, the ambassadors made no comment to the media but posted their reactions on twitter.

The movements for the constitution of the Constitutional Court come at an important political moment when the parties have agreed on electoral reform but also where the Venice Commission has expressed itself on this issue.

The functioning of the Constitutional Court is of great importance for the fact that the fate of the June 30 elections is at hand.

The opposition sees it as the only way to end the deep political crisis, and the meetings come on the same day as the local elections without the opposition.