Former Prime Minister, Pandeli Majko, said Albanians did their job when they came close to Kosovo during the difficult period of the Kosovo war.

“We who have been leading the institutions in that difficult period simply did our job.

There were others here in Kosovo, without any kind of office or institution that fought for the freedom of the Albanian nation, because in essence, Kosovo's freedom was Albania's freedom. In this context, what happened in 1999 was what usually happens to anyone.

Everyone is defined by their "hard days." I don't believe they define us by good days.

We have only done our duty.

So we feel good and bad when we thank you, because we are all brothers.

Now, do you ever say that your brother bothers you sometimes? Because he does.

But we, nevertheless, have to endure each other. We must remember those difficult days when we defined and determined who we were and, above all, where we were going. "

Invited this morning at the solemn "Thank you Albania!" Academy, organized by the Bogdani Polis Center of "Saint. Mother Teresa Cathedral", Majko mentioned the sacrifices of each of Kosovo's leaders.

“I am in front of the president of Kosovo, who at the time did not believe he knew he was going to become president of Kosovo but defined himself as a representative and head of the delegation and its aspirations.

Now, I am in front of the Prime Minister of Kosovo. I do not believe that when he held his brother's body, he thought he would become prime minister.

I am in front of Albin Kurti. I do not believe that in the Serbian prison at that time he thought that he would one day represent a new political force and be a candidate for prime minister.

We don't have Ibrahim Rugova here."

Former Prime Minister, Pandeli Majko, shared his fears and worries about the major decisions to be taken and how the disagreements were put aside and united for a purpose.

“Together with Ilir Meta, Prime Minister Edi Rama, and many others--we gather.

Were we so obedient and strong?

I assure you we were worried and scared. I assure you that it was in our minds that we would be remembered for generations to come.

But it cannot go without saying that what President Meta said that in those difficult moments-- all Albanians in Albania became one: Left and right, with ballists, communists, legalists.

With Sali Berisha, we were about to be killed in 1997, but after the Reçak massacre we called on all opposition parties, where the common thought was: When Serbs kill us, we should join in.”

He also mentioned the church and the mosque so as to remind Albanians not only how to thank but also how to forgive.

“And I think that now, in a new era of European integration, we, in these conditions of our self-determination, from this difficult moment of 1999, have to look a little further.

You have to remember. But you must also know how to thank and how to forgive.

I am not one of those who is easy to preach to but it seems that I myself have started to do so.

I find it difficult to travel to some of the capitals of the region, often understanding concepts of free movement, but starting and correcting things that I had not touched until yesterday because I have to change--we have to change, and we have to do it together.

In 1999 we realized that we couldn't do it without one another.

Today I have come to say that we have embarked on a journey from 1999 until forever, whenever; every day; for better or for worse.. we will always stick together. "