Former President, Bujar Nishani from Shkodra accused Prime Minister, Edi Rama of creating a monist state with a model of violence over institutions. He believes the majority clashes with the President deepened the political crisis.

Government-presidency clashes have deepened the political crisis in the country.

Former head of state, Bujar Nishani, calls the model of the majority violence against institutions, creating according to him a monist state.

At this point he calls for the popular movement, where citizens assume their responsibilities.

“Beyond the clashes and confrontations of institutions is the time and moment where Albanian society and Albanian citizens must take on their greater responsibilities and turn into a nationwide movement.”

The majority accuses the judiciary of destroying the justice system.

 “Citizens have realized that this is not about delaying the creation of the Constitutional Court or the Supreme Court, it is about a strategy and a platform to completely destroy the judiciary.”

Skeptically, the former head of state spoke about SPAK and the creation of the National Bureau of Investigation.

The opposition does not see any weakness now that it has lost all power, but Bujar Nishani says the situation is in deep crisis after the instruments for dialogue have been eliminated.

However, sitting at the table for electoral reform dialogue is the first signal of a change of political course between the parties.