President Ilir Meta called unconstitutional the changes approved by Parliament for sworn judges and prosecutors. While raising the alarm that Edi Rama with the anti-KÇK package wants to put in a Constitutional Police, violating the rights of Albanians and not respecting European directives.

The anti-KÇK package, brought urgently by the Edi Rama government, has upset President Ilir Meta. With a status on social networks, the Head of State underlines the fact that the government is turning the country into a police state, also occupying the Constitutional Court, following changes made to the swearing-in procedure of judges.

“In the state of PPP (Police Party Propaganda) there are no EU directives, no Stabilization and Association Agreement, no International Conventions, while no one mentions Copenhagen criteria any longer ever since Danish Embassy closed its office here.

In the PPP state (Police Party and Propaganda) there is only coup d’etat and depopulation.

With the treacherous approval by the "Top-KÇK" of the anti-constitutional law just prior to Venice Commission's arrival in Tirana, summoned by the one-party Assembly itself, even calls to “Follow the Money” are no longer worth it.

Because now money, property, every wealth and the rights of the albanians will be concentrated in a single hand, thanks to the coup to be finalized by the transformatin of the Constitutional Court into a constitutional police of the PPP state.”