President Ilir Meta declares that he will continue to return the laws whenever they are unconstitutional. Such a reaction comes a day after the Assembly overturned three presidential decrees.

At the press conference, Meta said that he will continue to return the laws whenever they are to the detriment of the public interest.

Ilir Meta: Lack of cooperation and transparency of the assembly was evidenced this week where for 3 decrees of the President of the Republic was held a theater in the commission where only the decrees were not heard but repeated by the drafters the same arguments how good the laws were by not giving the public the opportunity to confront the arguments for the return of these laws.

I will continue to do my job with full responsibility for the return of unconstitutional laws whenever they conflict with the principles of the constitution for the protection of the public interest and the finances of the state, as laws with special provisions with favorable effect for individuals certain are quite detrimental to the public interest and the interest of Albanian taxpayers.

The head of state also had an appeal to the Assembly

Ilir Meta: “I want to emphasize the call for the assembly to show attention and integrity in the legislative process so as not to leave spaces in laws that increase the risk of future corruption in their implementation.

Unclear proposals need to be put to an end.

The legislative process should not be misused to carry out clientelistic favors that can have serious consequences for public finances and citizens.

The Assembly has a duty to look at the elements with a magnifying glass so as not to become part of and not to be used by lobbying interests. "