President Ilir Meta called for Germany's support for the decision to open negotiations with the European Union and Albania in June 2019. 

The call from the Head of State comes at a time when the country is involved in a domestic political crisis, with the opposition announcing they intend to burn their mandates in the wake of violent anti-government protests which occurred at the weekend.

“Already, Albania is a member of NATO and a candidate country for the European Union membership. 

“Thanks to vision of Chancellor Merkel, embodied in the "Berlin Process", all countries of the Western Balkans can now clearly aspire towards the clear destination of an integrated Europe.

“We hope that with the invaluable support of Germany, and the will of all member countries, we will be ready to open negotiations with the EU in June 2019," added President Meta.

From Berlin, where he participated in the German Small and Medium Enterprise Annual Conference as an honorary GUEST, Meta said he hopes that the Berlin process can serve as a catalyst and a powerful instrument for the necessary structural and economic reforms, as well as the creation of a common regional market.

“This major goal can only be achieved through strategic investments of regional interconnection in infrastructure, energy or other priority sectors with the ultimate goal of empowering our economies, attracting foreign investment, increasing productivity and product competitiveness, and preparing local and regional business for the common European market,” said Meta.

Meta praised the strategic partnership and strong, collaborative relations in all areas between the Republic of Albania and the Federal Republic of Germany.