Despite the fact that there is a clash between the parties for voting on the draft of electoral reform, where the parliamentary opposition seems determined not to vote, President Ilir Meta once again emphasized the importance of this reform.

In a statement to the media, Meta said that the approval of this voter is the most important step for the opening of negotiations which would pave the way for the fulfillment of other conditions.

Meta: I want to emphasize once again the importance of maintaining the priority of meeting the conditions for the opening of negotiations, where obviously the approval of electoral reform is the first formal condition and then continue with other conditions that are not only formal but substantive, which also have to do with the quality of the upcoming elections in Albania.

But just a little earlier today (July 6), MP Myslym Murrizi in a statement to the media seemed more than determined in his stance not to vote on the reform without first discussing the demands of the parliamentary opposition.

He says that the deputies of the parliamentary opposition as well as other independent deputies will not be just a facade in the Parliament and that in the coming days they will take a concrete decision where they will summarize their position.