MP Lefter Maliqi has made strong accusations against Prime Minister Rama today (June 19).

He said that Rama has threatened Lulzim Basha with messages and according to Maliqi, he is threatening to terminate the agreement of June 5, because he is afraid of the institutions.

Maliqi: He has done what is possible for bargaining with MPs and bargaining with crime.

This man who yesterday threatened with messages Mr. Basha, that he is afraid of the institutions and wants an agreement like in 2017 with Basha, but he does not succeed anymore and the only way is threatening messages and tearing down the agreement reached in the American residence.

It is creating a new political force using the purchased deputies of the new opposition.

Even those oligarchic bastards who leave these behind to create the new political force, which has used it to buy votes, which lives in Tirana or Durres, which accompanies them.

Not these, but whatever party is formed, it cannot win against the Albanians.

This is a crime against honest Albanians.

He appointed a general manager, who, when it came to money laundering, said many things about his brother, offshore companies, which also provided the portals.

With the political police with whom he thinks he will steal and manipulate votes.

I expected confrontation with him, I asked for 2 interpellations, but he did not come.

This is a long charlatan, a torn waist. He thinks he will buy votes and cheat.

Let go of the provocations that the provocations don't affect me. He will leave with shame. I represent the opposition abroad.

Maliqi challenged Rama to face him in parliament.