SMI  denounced the payment of 2 thousand new lek that every graduate must pay to have the right to apply for university education.

Former MP, Floida Kërpaçi, said that this is one of the next mistakes of this year's state matura process.

Kërpaçi asks the government to subsidize 100% this payment for each graduate.

Kërpaçi: 2,000 lek is the next bill that every graduate and their families have to pay to have the right to apply for university education!

The best possible education of children is a priority for Albanian families and the future of Albania, but despite this the Albanian government continues to lead without caring about the devastating consequences of their decisions.

Those who misused 3.5 million euros by cheating for digital classes, after leaving graduates in oblivion and despising them, now force them to pay 2,000 lek just to submit the University Application.

To be clear, without paying the required fee, no graduate can continue applying to universities he wants to pursue!

Despite his grades, despite his family's dire economic situation, the Albanian government treats the young graduate simply as a customer whose fees determine his future.

For every family 2000 lekë are 20 days of bread! In these very difficult days, the government should ease the taxes and fees and not put its hands in the pockets of the citizens!

In Tirana alone, 60,000 businesses have been closed, over 75,000 citizens have lost their jobs, but in the meantime we have the government that continues corrupt concessions, even though it paves the golden road of 1.2 billion euros, it is still not satiated, but also requires payment from graduates!

The government of enriching a handful of people at the expense of youth and ordinary people, has economically destroyed Albanian families, which, although without income and in difficult survival conditions, among many sacrifices have sacrificed children to pursue education and even online education!

We have demanded before that in this situation to subsidize student fees, but the Ministry of Education and the government are run by anti-youth and anti-national people who have destroyed education and the hope of young people to build the future in Albania!

This behavior of the government that the main priority is not the youth but the increase of taxes and fees is destroying the society and depopulating Albania by removing the young people from our country!

A people without youth is without a future! Albania's future should not be to return to a country where the government enriches its friends while ordinary people are drowning in taxes and fees.

O today, we must never accept submission but raise our voices and denounce not only in the media but in every Albanian door and family!

Graduates and their families do not have to pay any money! Subsidize this payment 100% for each graduate!