The President, Ilir Meta, welcomed the launch of the presidency of the German Presidency at the head of the European Council for the second half of the year.

Analyzing the priorities of the German presidency, Meta expressed his gratitude for placing Albania and Northern Macedonia at the top of the European agenda.

"This is an opportunity that should never be missed," says Meta.

The Head of State emphasizes that Albania must implement all the conditions set as soon as possible.

"Yesterday's meeting with the Speaker of Parliament was the first optimistic step for the continuation of the appointments of other Constitutional Judges.

I hope this inspires a similar comprehensive approach in all areas where key reforms are needed.

Expectations for the start of membership negotiations during the German Presidency are high.

"No effort will be spared for European Albania," the president said.

In addition to the EC, Germany is currently leading the EU executive headed by President Ursula von Der Lajen, and the United Nations Security Council will have a one-month term on Wednesday.

From January 1, 2021, the presidency of the European Council will belong to Portugal.