The Bureau of the Assembly expels for 10 days the deputy of the parliamentary opposition Ralf Gjoni.

The reason for this was his action in the last session, when Gjoni placed some lollipops  in the rostrum of the assembly.

In a Facebook post, Gjoni writes that his exclusion was made only because they are afraid of the truth about the theatre of corruption.



The services of the mother party expelled me yesterday for 10 days from the activities of the Assembly, for the second time. Only that they are afraid of the truth about the theatre of corruption!

7 women Socialist MPs have obeyed the order of Gramoz Ruçi and Taulant Balla, demanding my 'internment', because they want to hide the truth. Worthy party list products.

The assembly is controlled today by intellectual provincialism under the dictates of the straw mullah that the national theater seems like a box of jokes.

I was expelled because I asked to ask some questions about the transparency of the demolition of the Theatre against the Commissioner for the Right to Information, Besnik Dervishi, as given in point 7 of Article 103 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.

The questions asked me to be raised by a group of civil society organizations led by the ResPublica Center, which remains critical of the Commissioner's (allegedly independent) clientelistic activity.

There can be no normal ethics or headaches in the face of this diabolical arrogance that is destroying our common future. They will have only denunciations and lolipop in their mouth.

Those who should have been in prison today are talking about parliamentary ethics, while they have introduced the pickaxe to justice and the digger of national wealth.

So I will continue to shout incessantly and uncompromisingly about this injustice that is being done to Albania until every independent and honest Albanian joins me in the battle to get rid of this corrupt caste towards prison!