The public debt of the municipality of Tirana is estimated at more than 2 billion ALL, but the mayor will increase this burden with the loan for the National Theater.

Experts say the decision is dangerous at the time of the pandemic, as they point out that the theater will be paid for by Albanian taxpayers.

At a time when the public debt of the municipality of Tirana ranks at the top of the list for the highest value, which reaches the figure of 2 billion ALL, Mayor Veliaj plans to increase the burden on citizens through loans for the construction of the new Theater worth up to 30 million euros.

Haxhimali: The Municipality of Tirana will be put in a lot of financial difficulties and this debt will certainly weigh on the taxpayers of the capital.

If management were efficient, Haxhimali says, this previous debt would have to be repaid.

Haxhimali: Debt is gangrene for every institution, gangrene for municipalities and extremely negative deterrent to the development and progress of daily public affairs.

While all international and domestic financial institutions predict regression in the economy, experts say lending during pandemics becomes even more dangerous.

Soko: In this situation, the mayor finds the logic to bring to our attention a debt of 30 million euros to build a theater when we had the theater.

A debt of 30 million euros for a municipality with about 130 million euros budget means that the Albanian state today borrows 1 billion euros. And when?

At a worse time, when we have given people 13,000 lek per month per family to survive.

 On the other hand, experts say that in our country, culture is not a profitable business, so the burden of credit that will be taken will go directly into the pockets of Albanians.