"The video of Bulqiza's illegitimate mayor consuming cocaine in a public setting is a mirror of the state that Edi Rama has built," Gent Strazimiri denounced in a statement from the DP headquarters.

In a statement to the media, Strazimiri said that instead of arresting him, Rama defends him because it is his strategy to continue co-governing with crime.

“The illegitimate mayor of Bulqiza should have been fired today by Edi Rama.

Justice should have acted by launching a criminal prosecution against him after it was established that the mayor was cooperating with individuals or groups who traded cocaine.

Neither of these happened because “Edi Rama of Bulqiza” has the protection of Edi Rama of Tirana.

The June 30th nomination of individuals with criminal backgrounds or affiliates with organized crime is Edi Rama's strategy to continue co-governing with crime.”

DP accuses Rama of having seized justice.

“The prosecutor who was supposed to act awaits the vetting by Belinda Balluku's sister, awaits the appointment by Mimi Kodheli's brother-in-law and fears inspection by Eglantina Germeni's brother!

All three, in the most important positions of the system, were unilaterally and illegally appointed by Edi Rama of Tirana.

Seizing justice and turning the Socialist Party into a haven for horrors and thugs are two of the biggest wounds Edi Rama has inflicted on the country.

For the DP, the removal of Edi Rama of Tirana, “Edi Rama of Bulqiza” and any “Edi Rama from state offices” is a national emergency.”

/Ora News.tv/