The Democratic Party denounces the mayor of Tirana for paving the way for the construction of a new 25-storey tower in the center of Tirana, where the Vjosa Hotel once stood.

"The Municipality of Tirana cleared the area of historic buildings, when all the public's attention was focused on another destruction, that of the National Theatre.

Everything has been made available to the new 25-storey tower, designed by Edi Rama's client architect, Uini Mas, who has publicly stated that he works with 3 people in Albania: Edi Rama, Erion Veliaj and Vangjush Dako "denounced today at noon former Democratic MP Enkelejd Alibeaj while publishing the decision that paves the way for construction.

With his signature and that of Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj, the 25-storey tower, 85 meters high, is the newest that will finally surround Skanderbeg Square, "Enkelejd Alibeaj denounced at noon today in a statement from the place where it is expected to be built the tower.

This is the fourth tower under construction on Skanderbeg Square and for the DP there is no doubt that it is money laundering of crime or corruption.

Enkelejd Alibeaj: “The two companies that have the permit to build the 25-storey tower do not have enough money. Their financial situation does not allow them to finish one floor of such a building, let alone complete the entire tower.

It is quite clear that the siege of Skenderbej Square with towers is a mafia project, which serves to launder dirty money with the signature of Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj. They have turned Tirana into the largest money launderer in the Balkans. ”

The DP urges the prosecution to investigate Veliaj

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Democratic Party, Ina Zhupa, revealed other details. According to Zhupa, the tower is expected to occupy an area of 38,258 m2 of land that the Municipality of Tirana has taken over the former Vjosa hotel.

The tower will also have 5 underground floors.

DP reveals that the construction permit was obtained by the company “Ana. with the administrator Mrs. Mirela Zeraliu who was the administrator and owner of another firm “Romario sh.p.k” under investigation by the Albanian prosecution.

DP demands that the Albanian prosecution investigate Erion Veliaj and his connections with Edmond Begon.

Ina Zhupa: "This lady for all those who do not know her has been the administrator and owner of another firm" Romario sh.p.k ".

"Romario sh.p.k" is under investigation by the Albanian prosecution because it turns out to be a firm of Edmond Bego.

Edmond Bego is known by you for the Lana expansion scandals, for the privatization of public lands, for the movement with Taulant Balla and for the big public tenders he has won in the way they know how to win, without competition and at the most expensive prices.

Mirala Zeraliu is the administrator and owner of "Ana sh.p.k" which turns out to be a company that has no more than 100 thousand euros in profits in those that she declared herself in the Tax Directorate for the last two years.

Then this tower here behind us with the area it has and with what it represents goes somewhere around 20 million euros to be built and then with a sales transaction this tower goes to somewhere around 60 million euros.

The Albanian prosecution has a duty to investigate Erion Veliaj as a money launderer, to investigate his connections with Edmond Begon and to investigate what is hidden behind this tower that is being built in the middle of the center of Tirana. "