The Democratic Party has denounced the Mayor of Bulqiza, Lefter Alla for consuming narcotics in the premises of a bar. The allegations were made by former MP Ervin Salianji but denied by Alla who says he is not the person appearing in the photos published in the media.

According to the Democratic Party, the person who is consuming narcotics in the premises of a bar is Mayor of Bulqiza, Lefter Alla.

 “Public opinion today is shocked by footage of Bulqize’s illegitimate mayor, appointed by Edi Rama, consuming cocaine.” Salianji said.

The allegations have been repeatedly denied by Alla, who in a reaction to Ora News says he absolutely is not the person appearing in the photo.

The denunciation was made by former lawmaker Ervin Salianji, who accused the government of links to crime, drugs but also seizing the justice system.

Salianji said that Prime Minister, Edi Rama through the appointment of Artur Metani as head of the High Justice Inspectorate will control and threaten prosecutors and judges.

“Rama has chosen to appoint a Comptroller of Judges and Prosecutors to appoint his former subordinate and his deputy's brother to use to threaten judges and prosecutors when they investigate or adjudicate corruption, stealing votes from the government of Edi Rama or to turn injustice into the norm against political opponents.

Anyone who had the illusion that there would be justice with Edi Rama in this country got the answer that Edi Rama and his bandits need the justice under control to preserve stolen property and money.

According to Salianji, Metani's appointment is illegal as he has held political office in recent years.