The Democratic Party opposes the government's fiscal amnesty.

Former MP Jorida Tabaku said in a statement to the media that this initiative of Prime Minister Edi Rama will turn Albania into the largest money launderer of organized crime and corruption in Europe.

Full PD statement

"The government's insistence on Fiscal Amnesty, while the country has entered the spiral of a crisis that will lead the country to an economic downturn of 9% of GDP, shows that Edi Rama's priority is not to serve the citizens, but to enrich the oligarchs, money laundering, as he has always done in these 7 years.

The law in question was designed not to serve Albanians who have emigrated and need to declare their wealth. No! The primary purpose of the law is to help incriminators and criminal organizations to launder their assets and money illegally.

Secondly, the law in question is the next attempt to turn Albania into Panama in Europe and the Balkans. In article 5 point 1, the law states that the beneficiaries of this law are also individuals "tax residents in the Republic of Albania, regardless of their citizenship".

So, in short, if an individual resides in Albania who does not declare his wealth in an EU or US state, this citizen benefits from this amnesty and, also, can escape the investigation of this property by the Albanian government. In fact, this is another attempt by the Rama government, which a few months ago went to London at a conference to sell the Albanian passport to any so-called foreign "investor".

It is these two groups that will benefit from this total amnesty, even escaping the investigation into the source of the wealth. The draft law provides not only for the preservation of confidentiality, but also for the non-investigation of those foreign or local individuals who will benefit from the amnesty.

To facilitate the laundering of dirty money, the government has imposed the payment of a low tax, ranging from 5% to a maximum of 10% of the declared value. Meanwhile, the government of Edi Rama forces the citizens of the country, generally the middle class and honest business to pay taxes up to 23%.

There is no financial reason for a country where banks have high liquidity, where loans are not being granted, not as a result of the lack of liquidity from banks, but as a result of the crisis of confidence in the economy, the state and the government to present a fiscal and criminal amnesty.

This law is harmful to the economy, it is an instigator of money, crime and corruption.

The government has also linked the amnesty to the cryptocurrency law, which is considered another high risk for money laundering.

With a tired, stolen, corrupt budget, with failures in every area of the economy, with high informality as a result of tax increases and favoritism, they want to bring in revenue that they themselves have stolen.

They want to eradicate the honest work of hundreds of thousands of Albanians and once again support those two categories that have supported these 7 years, criminals and oligarchs.

In short, Edi Rama is turning Albania into Panama of the Balkans. Our country will be seen as the largest money launderer in the Balkans and Europe.

It will return to the accounting register of the incriminated who will be removed as investors, of the mobsters who will be removed as businessmen.

This is the vision for Albania 2030 that the outgoing Prime Minister has for the country. A madness that should not be allowed at any moment and fought without any compromise. An act that contradicts every principle and national interest. Albania needs to promote honest work, not dirty money."