In a statement to the media, former DP MP Albana Vokshi denounced the attacks that the mayor of Tirana has made on RTV Ora.

Vokshi says that Erion Veliaj has become today one of the most dangerous rulers against media freedom.

She adds that on the phone of every journalist or media owner, who has been critical of the municipality of Tirana, there is definitely a seductive, intimidating or threatening message from Erion Veliaj.

Vokshi said that the case of RTV Ora television is the most flagrant in the long line of media that Erion Veliaj threatens in order to shut up.

Vokshi: Ora TV journalists have been under the constant attack of Erion Veliaj for months.

Due to the independent work of journalists, who point out the scandalous abuses of the Municipality of Tirana, the violation of the law in tenders and the issuance of corrupt construction permits, the Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj is using every means to threaten not only journalists , but also the owner of this media, Ylli Ndroqi.

Erion Veliaj's message is clear: Ora Television must stop criticizing him and the Municipality of Tirana. If they do not accept Veliaj's ready-made chronicles, they should be silent, not investigate, shut their mouths before injustice and abuse of power by the illegal Mayor of Tirana.

Vokshi added that other state institutions, including the State Police, have been made available in the service of this Veliaj scheme.

Vokshi: In the service of this mafia message, Erion Veliaj has engaged other institutions, including segments of the State Police and other law enforcement bodies. For the Democratic Party, these repressive methods against free speech are unacceptable. Erion Veliaj will be held accountable for this.

Together with the Tirana mayor's office, which threatens, insults and blackmails journalists, any state employee who implements Erion Veliaj's mafia plan, with the tacit approval of Edi Rama, to threaten Ora Television, journalists and its owner, will be held accountable.

Erion Veliaj's mafia attacks on Ora TV, against its journalists and against the owner of the television Ylli Ndroqi have nothing to do with just one person or one television. They are attacks on freedom of expression, freedom of the media, freedom of thought and political freedom.

The state segments that Erion Veliaj is abusing for his criminal interests must understand that responsibility is individual and everyone will be held accountable for any criminal action against media freedom.