"Civil protection" and natural disasters have caused clashes between the institution of the President and that of the Ministry of Defence.

After consulting with the Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and Environment, Minister Olta Xhaçka directed a letter to the Head of State declaring that science cannot predict the time of an earthquake.

The President's concern over civil emergencies has been used by Xhaçka to seek the decree of the “Civil Protection” law.

“The Law on ‘Civil Protection’ is waiting for your decree. The law shifts the focus from response, to preparation, prevention and risk reduction.

“Decree the law! Give a real contribution to preparing the country for dealing with natural disasters, including earthquakes, which, despite our desire, ultimately remain uncontrollable and unpredictable,” said Xhaçka.

The President's spokesperson, Tedi Blushi, has urged Minister Xhaçka’s staff to be sure to inform the public because the law “On Civil Protection” must be decreed by President Meta within the deadline.

Following the post, the President's website published the decree on the law approved by the majority.

/Ora News.tv/