The concession provided for general medical check-ups has proven quite a burden to the state budget. The latest report by the High State Control shows that 801 million lekë were paid from the state budget though the work remains incomplete work.

The audit on the monitoring PPP showed that, for yet another year, the projections of the contract for citizen check-ups were not achieved.

This is fifth year in a row in which the targets have not been met, but the state coffers continue to turn over significant amounts of money each year.

Despite the expanding the eligibility of people who can receive free check-ups and other actions taken in an attempt to provide greater benefit from public services, according to the High State Control the expected number of patients seen has still not been achieved.

It is asserted that failing to meet key targets forces the state to pay for an incomplete service.

Some citizens admit that they have little to no faith in the medical system and do not see the benefit in receiving medical checkups, even if they provided free of charge.

The High State Control also notes with concern that there are different treatments for applying VAT between concessionary contracts, although the services provided by them are exempt from VAT. For this contract, 560 million VAT was invoiced.