The DP leader through a status on facebook has warned any person or political force seeking to eradicate the opposition, that it will face the Albanian uprising. Lulzim Basha underlines the freedom of the country and institutions will be protected at all costs.

The Democratic Party has commemorated the 75th anniversary of Kelmendi's anti-communist uprising as an opposition movement against the regime that left 44 civilians dead. Through a status on facebook, PD leader Lulzim Basha expresses concern that in today's democracy the opposition is wanted to disappear.

"Even today, anyone can dream the same dreams of liquidating any opposition, so that the state-occupied gang can be lauded for doing what it wants at the expense of the country and the Albanians because it does not hold anyone accountable.

But these dreams remain illusions, as long as the nation has provided legendary evidence of dignity and love for freedom, such as the Kelmendi Uprising. ”

The opposition has accused the government in every public outing of links to crime and the seizure of all powers. But according to opposition leader Lulzim Basha, the DP is ready to defend freedom and democracy at all costs.