The Prime Minister of Kosovo has continued his meetings with political leaders in Albania, while he has also met with the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha.

Speaking to the media, Democratic leader Basha said that he and Hoti discussed Kosovo's challenges towards European integration and that the Democratic Party supports an agreement with Serbia on mutual recognition.

Basha said he would take as an example and inspiration the way in which the Kosovo government will face the economic consequences caused by Covid-19.

Lulzim Basha: "I have the special pleasure to wish a special welcome to Prime Minister Hoti and I wish him good work.

With Hoti, we discussed today a number of important issues, first and foremost about the challenges that Kosovo has towards the path of integration.

The Democratic Party supports the objectives set by the Kosovo authorities, the purpose, reason and completion of this process, mutual recognition between the two countries, and of course all other aspects beneficial to the citizens of the two countries and beyond.

''Secondly, I heard with interest from Prime Minister Hoti, who comes with credentials with political experience but also with a scientific experience in the field of economics, on his economic plan in terms of employment and economy in Kosovo, whether for the consequences of Covid -19 but also for next year.

For us as the opposition, it is an example, an inspiration, for the way the Hoti government is preparing to face these consequences, and to alleviate the pain and problems they have caused to the citizens of Kosovo.

I want to express my confidence that in the direction of Prime Minister Hoti, Kosovo will know how to succeed. It has all the experience, the wisdom to move forward, despite the current political situation, towards a common goal is a strong, democratic state, a member of NATO and the European Union."