The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has held meetings with businesses in the administrative unit no. 11 in Tirana.

According to Basha, the economic crisis is deepening every day, and he says that in every meeting and conversation he has held in cities and rural areas, a serious situation prevails.

Through a Facebook post, he accused Prime Minister Rama that with his incompetence and arrogance he has abandoned the citizens and businesses and that the pressure of the taxpayers who are taking the businesses from the last quark has increased.

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"The economic crisis is deepening every day. In every meeting and conversation in cities and rural areas, a difficult situation prevails, difficulties that increase and increase, impossibility and uncertainty for survival that deepen daily.

Residents and small entrepreneurs in Unit No. 1 in the capital are frustrated by the decline in purchasing power and consumption, increased energy and water bills, and the daily pressure of inspectors behaving like gangs rather than state employees.

In the face of this real Albania of troubles and problems that have been aggravated by the failure of the government, the leaked propaganda and the pressure of the taxes that were extorted on businesses and the last penny continue. The money that should have gone to boost consumption, to help entrepreneurs end up in 5 oligarchs through tenders and corrupt PPPs.

RAMAVIRUS with its incompetence and arrogance has abandoned the citizens and businesses, leaving them without economic support, while not hesitating to extort and use the taxes of the citizens in a corrupt manner.

This abandonment will end. Albanians deserve and will have on their side a government that cares about their interests and well-being and not about the pockets of a handful of oligarchs.

Small business is the backbone of the economy, so in our plan there will be a single obligation, which will be 0.5% of annual turnover.

Every business will have a tax stamp and no central or municipal government employee will be allowed to enter the business. We will remove the gang of taxpayers and inspectors from the business neck.

We will return the stolen money to the citizens by investing everything for a strong and stable economy, to stimulate employment and increase well-being. "