For two weeks now, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has been attending meetings in Albania with businesses, farmers and family tourism.

During his visit to Pogradec, the opposition leader held meetings with small businesses, which after hearing their travels; he said that this city is going through a major economic crisis.

''They barely sell those products. They often sell them at cost or subcosoto, then those who attract their production do not even have money to give.

This is the economic crisis. The crisis which has its source in the successive failures and misalignments of public finances.

The money is not for the Albanians, it is collected from your pockets, but the money goes to a handful of oligarchs."

But to pull the country out of the crisis, Lulzim Basha said the DP has a detailed plan.

"We have this in mind with the flat tax of 9% on the business over 140 million, with the tax of 0.5% of the turnover for the whole small business under 140 million ALL.

We have this in mind with the quarantine of inspectorates in the first year of my next government.

One year quarantine means, for one year they will not look at inspectors with their eyes until we have the law, and the implementation of the law at European levels. ''

The DP leader criticized the mismanagement of the situation with Covid, as according to him the government has surrendered.

''Please take maximum measures, through distancing, through masks in closed places, and through hygiene. Clearly the government has surrendered, there is no plan, no strategy. "

For Basha, Kosovo has better managed the financial situation than our country, and even their economic plan will help all citizens affected by this crisis, unlike what the Albanian government has done.