The leader of the Democratic Party expresses concern about the conclusions of the report of the Trust Index of the American Chamber of Commerce AMCHAM for 2019, which records the largest decline in the economy in the last 8 years.

Basha says that the report is a reflection of the economic situation and the corruption that is eroding the economy, removing investors, closing jobs and impoverishing Albanians.

Basha: Unfair competition, disappointing economic performance, overall bad business climate, high level of corruption, informal economy, bureaucracy, high level of taxes and the government itself with its clientelist policies are the biggest obstacles for it doing business in Albania.

The leader of the Democrats says that the business urgently needs to change this situation.

Basha: I have heard the concerns of the representatives of the American Chamber, other chambers of commerce and industry, small business, etc.

I know that business urgently needs to change this situation, for solutions that guarantee fair competition, fiscal convenience and improving the business climate.

Based on these needs, Basha says the DP has drafted an economic platform that provides for: a 9% flat tax, the elimination and simplification of permits and licenses, the elimination and merger of 18 taxes to remodel our fiscal system.

At the same time, the DP plan envisages the restructuring of customs, fiscal and registration agencies and institutions. Simpler and easier for everyone.

Basha: For me and PD, employment and economic development are the main priorities and to achieve this we will make Albania an attractive place for foreign investment, we will strengthen local business and we will reduce the spaces for abuse and corruption that are taking away today the breath of Albanian business.

The confidence index of American businesses operating in Albania has marked the deepest decrease in the last 8 years. The head of the US Chamber of Commerce said that corruption, political climate and monopolies have brought a worsening business climate, while Ambassador Yuri Kim called for an immediate solution to the situation.