The Alliance for the Protection of Theatre has made another report today to SPAK.

The report was made at 11.00 for the criminal offense "attempted murder".

According to the Alliance, at the time of the demolition, several artists and activists were inside the National Theatre building.

The alliance has informed me that the building was not inspected before the demolition began and those inside were only out when they heard the diggers.

The Alliance for the Protection of Theatre has also reported Erion Veliaj and Arbjan Mazniku to the SPAK.

They are charged with "abuse of office" and "passive corruption of two officials who perform public functions in collaboration".

Meanwhile, the lawyer Adriana Kalaja said that Lleshaj, Veliaj and Veliu are accused of attempted murder, demanding their arrest.

Adriana Kalaja: A group from the Alliance has filed criminal charges against Ardi Veliu, Veliaj and Sander LLeshaj to SPAK. They are charged with attempted murder. We have put forward all our arguments for this grave act.

For our reasonable suspicion due to the risk of deleting the evidence, we have also requested their arrest. Even after May 17, the crime is continuing. We have not submitted any evidence, as the evidence is being hidden with a Veliaj-Rama agreement. When the declaration is received we will submit the evidence with minutes.

While director Robert Budina said that it is expected that SPAK will clarify this issue and also that they will translate the issue and we will request a foreign investigation.

Budina: Why don't they ask Lleshaj, that the police were without numbers, how do we know that justice exists? We expect the SPAK to clarify this issue and we will also translate the case and request a foreign investigation.

We were attacked that night. They put the machine gun on my head and it is my word against the word of this minister. If the Theatre does not return to where it was, the temple of democracy will not return.

We are facing a state that acts in a terrorist way. We will also go to the European Parliament and force them to do justice.