The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, has called upon political parties to reflect and cooperate in order to begin negotiations for EU membership in June.

When questioned about the political situation unraveling in the country and the invitation that Prime Minister Edi Rama made to DP chair Luzim Basha for a dialogue, Meta said cooperation is imperative to begin the negotiation process. Stating:

“There should be reflection and cooperation between Albania's political parties for the opening of EU membership negotiations. I appeal for reflection and cooperation",

Earlier in the speech, which was held before participants at the Diaspora Summit, the head of state urged the parties to rise above their own interests.

As for the Albanians of the Diaspora, President Meta said that they are welcomed in Albania: Stating:

“Albania is a sunny place for all Albanians, not only for those living here, but also for those who want to come back.”

Mark Gjonaj, on behalf of Albanians in US patrols, underlined the importance of an annual conference. He stated:

“We need to make an action plan to initiate our National agenda and to move on to the various issues of our future.”

“We have to include the many relationships between Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Çameria and the Presevo valley, despite their political beliefs and positions they hold.

“For our national agenda to be successful, it requires both Albania and Kosovo to work closely together to create a unified message when it comes to the national agenda.

The Diaspora Minister, who organized the second summit, underlined the importance of maintaining relations with the homeland.

During the closing of the second Summit of the Albanian Diaspora, which was held on the occasion of the 575th anniversary of the Lezha Covenant, only the Minister for the Albanian Diaspora was present.