Environmentalists and cultural heritage advocates have called for immediate action to stop interventions in the capital.

After the disappearance of the old dwellings, now it is the turn of the clock tower next to which another skyscraper is rising to make sure that Tirana and the center of Tirana cannot be just the historical center of 100 years ago, despite the fact that it is also being transformed as Skanderbeg Square.

"Tirana will have a different installation. It will be another concept, this time not with the metal and the configuration of the Res but using the wood element."

With this statement made in 2017, the mayor of Tirana warned investments for discharge valves in what was called Polycentric Tirana.

But already the only promise left is that Tirana can no longer be the historical center. The old buildings disappeared one by one, while the clock tower has its turn, but also the shadowing of the Skanderbeg monument

At risk is the clock tower where in a few months it will be under the shadow of a palace that will have a height of over 77 meters. The environmentalist accuses the mayor Veliaj of destroying the history.

Guri: We have monumental works that the mayor really decorated and invented and today he is out of breath.

The center of Tirana certainly has the highest price, so the accusations that everything is for profit are not missing.

Guri: I don't know what we have done to them. Go away and build from the train to Paskuqan because you have it empty. There is 1 thousand euros per square meter, while here it is 4 thousand. There is what is shared.

Regarding the complete changes that are taking place in Tirana, Guri says that the architects have not been asked either, but only the goal has been seen to gain as much as possible.

Guri: The Mayor who no longer pays attention there, neither the architecture associations, nor the engineers, nor the environmental experts.

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