US Ambassador Yuri Kim was present at the presentation of the 2019 business index where she emphasized the fight against corruption, one of the criteria that is hindering the arrival of American investments.

The ambassador focused on politics and called on political leaders to set aside games and work for Albanians.

Yuri Kim: “The fact that the political situation came to the forefront of the list of concerns shows that Albanians are tired of politics, they want solutions and they do not want the game to continue, who is to blame, one blames the other.

They want to see leaders work together for the good of the people.

They want the government to offer them an opportunity without fear and corruption, to make money and achieve a good standard of living.

The Albanian people want results, they don't want insults, they want vision, they don't want division."

Regarding corruption, the ambassador said that it is hindering the arrival of American investments.

Yuri Kim: “Political climate, unfair competition and corruption. Affects everything. The three priorities I have in Albania are strengthening relations, supporting Albania as a democratic country, and increasing American investment in Albania, each affected by corruption."

The ambassador also raised some questions for the government as to what are the plans to create new jobs and attract foreign investment, at a time when the situation has become even more difficult after the pandemic.

Yuri Kim: “I am curious to know what the vision of the American Chamber of Commerce for Albania is and the recommendations on how to move from a difficult situation how to create jobs, attract foreign investment and how to increase opportunities for young people.

These are questions for the US Chamber of Commerce but also for the government.

All stakeholders should come together to produce solutions, proactive solutions-oriented approaches."