The messages and ironies between the majority and the President continue to be conveyed remotely, reminding each other of the red lines.

Following Ilir Meta's announcement that a decree could dissolve Parliament, Prime Minister Rama seeks to distance himself, as he says the President's struggle is with justice and not with him. 

After voting for congressional delegates using the electronic system, the leader of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama, from the Socialist Party headquarter, explained that this could possibly be used for parliamentary and local elections as well, albeit not for the upcoming vote.

Even with the new organization, the Socialist Party will not be able to get rid of candidates who may have problems with decriminalization, such as have been the cases of Valdrin Pjetri in Shkodra and Agim Kajmaku in Vora.

Rama announced that the platform against the “Catch What You Can Catch” will be presented on November 25, stressing that it will be set up under a special law that will open the door to a war on organized crime and those exponents of crime that, until today, have succeeded in obtaining property illegally.

Meanwhile he declined to comment on the impasse created by the Constitutional Court, adding that it is a recurring conflict.

“This is a recurring conflict caused by the same source of conflict for the same reasons that are known.

“I don't think we need to be involved anymore in this conflict and I don't think this conflict is a conflict that can be resolved by battles and controversies in the field of communication because, of course, they want we to give other things and I want to give people what they want by starting on 25 November when the Anti-“KÇK” platform will be presented.

“It will not be just a program, but a whole legal package based on a special law against organized crime and all those who commit murder or other serious offenses such as narcotics trafficking,” concluded Rama. 

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla