Following the opinion of the Venice Commission on the stalemate over the appointment of Constitutional Court, President Ilir Meta will take the next steps. President's Spokesman Tedi Blushi announced that next week, President Meta will invite the Speaker of the Parliament, Gramoz Ruci, for an official meeting to discuss and coordinate cooperation with all responsible institutions, but also with international partners on the election process of the members of the Constitutional Court.

Also, Blushi said that all should try to better understand the recommendations of the Venice Commission, in order to cooperate and establish as soon as possible the Constitutional Court.

"Regarding the question of what will happen to the Constitutional Court after the final report of the Venice Commission, I would like to confirm the determination of the President of the Republic H.E. Ilir Meta to implement with full commitment and transparency the recommendations of the Venice Commission to unblock the situation through cooperation between institutions according to the principle of constitutional loyalty.

Just as President Meta demanded in his official letter of November 5 addressed to the Assembly, Justice Appointments Council and Ombudsman:

"... The President maintains this position based on the constitutional principle of loyalty (cooperation) between state bodies and finding the opportunities for the Constitutional Court to be completed as soon as possible."

"Without a cooperation between the bodies involved in the process of appointing new members of the Constitutional Court (JAC-President-JAC-Assembly), this process cannot be concluded in accordance with Article 179, paragraphs 2 and 12 of the Constitution and principles drafted by the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court itself."

"... Maximum cooperation with each of the institutions in order for the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania to be functional and all vacancies in this Court be filled as soon as possible and in full compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and requirements of the law."

Therefore, at the start of the coming week, President Meta will invite the Speaker of the Assembly for an official meeting to discuss and coordinate the cooperation with all the responsible institutions, but also with the international partners, especially since the functionality of the Constitutional Court is the main condition for the opening of membership negotiations with the European Union.

President Meta estimates the importance that all responsible institutions mentioned in the Final Report of the Venice Commission must focus and read it in depth, as experts have done a very careful job to get us out of this deadlock in which it was not the Constitution that placed us but it was the lack of respect for the Constitution.

Therefore, this week should be invested by everyone to better understand the recommendations of the Venice Commission, so that without wasting time, to be cooperated for making of the country with the Constitutional Court as soon as possible, as this is the most important institution of the state in the view of President Meta.

If President Meta's initiative in November 2017 for a joint coordination between the President, the Assembly and EURALIUS for drawing the lot and the functioning of JAC uncontested by anyone had not been undermined, Albania would not have been left for even a second without a functional  Constitutional Court, the opposition would have no excuse to leave the Assembly, local government would be comprehensive and legitimate, and negotiations would have been open long ago.

But now it is more important to focus on fulfilling the recommendations of the Venice Commission to move forward through cooperation, transparency and respect for the Constitution", - Tedi Blushi said.