Despite France's skeptical stance in October, the Albanian President, Ilir Meta, in an interview with Radio France, says he is confident that officials in Paris will continue to support Albania's path to EU integration.

But Ilir Meta hasn't forgotten that stability in the Western Balkans is in the interest of the whole European family, and has reminded European partners of what happened in World War I. Stating:

“Albania is determined to be a factor of cooperation and stability in the Balkans.

“It's in the interests of the region and in Europe as a whole. We trust our European partners: especially France and Germany.

“In order to have a secure and developed Europe, the Balkans must also have stability and peace. History has always proven this. We all know how the First World War began in the Balkans.”

The President of the Republic declared this Wednesday that he has trust in France, stating that the Western European country supports, and encourages, Albania's path towards the European Union. Stating:

“France and Germany have been the main pillars of the E.U. since its creation. These two countries have taken on great responsibilities and are now laying the “foundations for a European future” despite facing so many challenges.

“This is not the first time France has called on countries aspiring to become E.U. members to be more efficient and sustainable in completing their reforms.

“France wants the E.U. enlargement process placed under better control before they welcome new members. At the same time, they call on aspiring countries, like Albania, to deepen their reforms in order to be more credible: especially when it comes to issues such as: immigration, justice, the fight against trafficking and organized crime.

“Although in October, France declared it was "not in favor" of the opening of accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia, we do know that Paris does encourage and support us in our efforts to integrate into the European Union. These efforts are based on democracy, development, stability and cooperation,” said President Meta.

Albania and Northern Macedonia hope that by the time of the Zagreb Summit, EU leaders will have a positive response to the opening of negotiations.

Përktheu: Paola Pupla