The economic crisis as a result of the pandemic forced the government to change the budget for the third time in a few months, reducing the level of income and orienting more money towards emergencies.

But this change for the Democratic Party seals poverty for Albanians and the enrichment of a handful of government officials and clients.

The Democratic Party says that by reviewing the budget, the government has sealed poverty for Albanians and enriched a handful of government officials and clients.

Former MP Jorida Tabaku, argued that with this decision there is no increase in salaries and pensions nor new jobs but their reduction.

Tabaku: The new decision of the government to review the budget for the second time in 6 months is the de facto declaration of bankruptcy of the government of Edi Rama and proof of how badly it has ruled in these 7 years.

Tabaku said the prime minister does the opposite of what he promised. Debts to pay corrupt concessions.

The Democratic Party says that according to government estimates, public debt is 80% of Gross Domestic Product.

But according to Tabaku, if you calculate the debt created by PPPs, the real debt goes to 11 billion euros or 93% of national production.