The Democratic Party has released documents alleging that Vau i Dejës’s mayor, Mark Babani, has been convicted in Italy for car theft.

The Secretary General, Gazmend Bardhi, said that the Chief Socialist was arrested on April 4, 1994 in the Sicily area under the pseudonym Marq Babaj.

“Mark Babani, under the pseudonym Marq Babaj, was arrested on April 4, 1994, in Italy, in the Sicily area, for the offense of “Theft in aggravated circumstances, committed in co-operation”.

“He was arrested by Italian police for stealing cars. Edi Rama's candidate for Vau i Dejës has been part of a criminal group operating in the Sicily area and having committed several thefts.

“Mark Babani, under the alias Marq Babaj, remained in prison until May 6, 1994 and was subsequently convicted and deported from the Italian state.

“This is only part of the criminal record for Edi Rama's candidate for Vau i Dejës.

“This data proves that Mark Babani is subject to the ban on exercising a public function as per the decriminalization law.

“According to this law, persons who have been subject to a measure of imprisonment, exclusion or deportation in any of the European Union countries cannot be nominated or elected. In this particular case, the individual has been deported from Italy.

“Mark Babani is fully aware of the fact that he is a person with multiple criminal convictions. His public delusions that he has never had problems with justice serves as evidence that he has the protection of Edi Rama,” said Bardhi.

Bardhi threw accusations at Prime Minister Rama, pointing out that instead of dismissing Babani, he defends him, just like Pjetri and Kajmaku who, according to him, should have been imprisoned for their forgeries.

“With his silence, Edi Rama proves that he is really the defender of Mark Babani, whose candidacy once again showed that he is inextricably linked to crime.”

The Democratic Party says Prime Minister Edi Rama is the only politician in Europe to promote, support and govern crime.

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla