A few days after the announcement of the tender for the construction of the Milot-Fier road, the Democratic Party accuses that there are no documents for this project and it is not known why the Public Private Partnership for construction was chosen.

Former Democratic MP, Enkelejd Alibeaj, said that even on the Public Procurement website, this tender does not exist, as Minister Balluku himself announced.

Alibeaj: There are no documents for this project, it is not known how it was selected, it is not known who made the decision to make the road by concession, it is not known how the consultant was selected who came to the conclusion that the road costs 1.2 billion euros and a trip costs 17.4 euros.

The Milot-Fier project is still a ghost project, only the words of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Infrastructure exist.

The tender does not exist announced on the relevant procurement website, although, during the propaganda show 5 days ago, the Minister of Infrastructure promised otherwise.

The DP sees the 1.2 billion euro value as an inflated cost and promises to review it as soon as it comes to power.

Alibeaj: The Milot-Fier road concession is one of the most corrupt decisions and steals more Albanian citizens.

1.2 billion euros is an inflated cost, up to 6 times higher than the Fier bypass, so that the fare is higher and those involved in this dirty affair are further enriched by stealing from citizens.

Milot-Fier is a project that will be thoroughly verified by the next government! The Democratic Party is determined not to burden the Albanians with another debt, which brings with it a high and undeserved bill for every citizen!

The Milot-Fier road is part of the blue corridor and is expected to shorten the movement time of vehicles.

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