Today, President Meta met with EU Negotiator Zef Mazi at the Presidency.

The meeting took place today (June 22) at 12:00.

The meeting was a introductory meeting on the country's integration issues into European structures.

Chief Negotiator Mazi earlier announced the meeting, saying co-operation with the President would be constant.

Zef Mazi: I started this post after the government decision at a distance because of Covid. The movement in Europe started the day before yesterday and yesterday is the first day of work here in the office.

I know the President of the Republic, I have had him as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and he knows me. I appreciate what he said about my professionalism.

Cooperation with the President will be constant, it is part of the main institutions that run our country and I will keep in touch with him.

I did not have the physical opportunity to ascertain with him, but it will be in the first 2-3 days of my work, tomorrow, Monday, depending on the schedule that the President has.

Regarding the President's points, my task is not to comment, but to implement the mandate as chief negotiator.

While President Meta writes on Facebook that it was discussed openly and constructively for the prospect of opening negotiations.

Ilir Meta: It is a pleasure to welcome today at the meeting Ambassador Zef Mazin, appointed by the Government Chief Negotiator for the development of negotiations for Albania's membership in the European Union.

We discussed openly and constructively the prospect of opening negotiations. While our policy should show willingness to meet the conditions, technical preparation and increasing negotiation capacity are important.

I assured him of the full support of his duty by the institution of the President of the Republic. European integration is a nationwide objective.

Mazi has stated that he will also meet with the leader of the opposition, Lulzim Basha.