Albanian political leaders congratulated Kosovo for the 10th anniversary of independence.

Opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, in a congratulatory message sent to the state of Kosovo, says that, today, every Albanian shares their heart and mind with Kosovo.

He added that Albanians are humbled by the work of Ibrahim Rugova, Adem Jashari and the thousands of other Kosovar sons and daughters who fought and sacrificed for this great day.

"We are confident that Kosovo has a bright, advanced and European future," stated Basha.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Dimitir Bushati gave his congratulations for Kosovo's Independence.

He said that the last 10 years has seen Kosovo transform from an entity with violated rights under the former Yugoslavia, to the democratic, multiethnic and multicultural space it is today, with further aspirations to integrate into the Euro-Atlantic space.

"Over these 10 years of independence, Albania and Kosovo have built a close and fraternal relationship of strategic partnership," explained Bushati.

The independence of Kosovo was also congratulated by former President, Bamir Topi.

Top declared that February 17th is a day of celebration and pride for the people of Kosovo. He added that the future of Kosovo is in the European Union, together with Albania and alongside all other Balkan countries.